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19th International Chromatography School

Zagreb, Croatia, 9. and 10. June 2016.

Zagreb, Croatia.
10 - 11 June 2019


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Nađa Dešpalj, v. pred.

Function: senior lecturer


First & third semester

Tuesdays at 4 pm.

Second & fourth semester

Tuesdays at 3 pm.

Public phone number:
01 4597 247
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Chair of social sciences and humanities
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Rock Climbing: Extreme Sports Edition Znanje

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Past employments

2002 Lecturer of Business English at the University of Split, Center of Vocational Studies

2009 Senior lecturer of Scientific English at Zagreb University, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology

2017 Member of the Humanities and Social Sciences Council of the Rectorate of Zagreb University

2014 Honorary member for elections and re-elections at the Textile Technology Faculty of Zagreb University