19th International Chromatography School

19th International Chromatography School (ICS) will took place at Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Zagreb,  10-11 June 2019.

Thousands of scientists and engineers have worked on the development of chromatography over the last several decades. The result is one of the most versatile techniques that we have in chemical science today. The development is still going on with thousands of papers and many books being published every year. All this has been accomplished because there is an understanding of the physico-chemical principles of the chromatographic process. As an expert in chromatography each participant also need to understand these principles and to learn how they are implemented into their daily practice.

International Chromatography School has been providing an ideal forum in the last fifteen years for chromatographers from different regions of Balkan peninsula and neighboring countries. The practice of chromatography is sufficiently widespread such that discussions on diversity of applications, qualitative and quantitative data as well as quality assurance data acquisition become extremely important that they are considered worthy of inclusion in peer reviewed literature. We find above arguments compelling enough to organize ICS once again.


International Chromatography School bridges the gap between the practitioner and chromatography science. It is intensive, focused on both theoretical and practical aspects of chromatography. More importantly, International Chromatography School is independent and provides an unbiased education based on scientific facts and long experience.


19th ICS is intended for analytical chemists with previous experience of chromatography and a good knowledge of the basic concepts of chromatography:

  • laboratory executives,
  • routine chromatography users,
  • quality managers,
  • scientists,
  • Ph.D. students.

For advanced users, e.g. experts responsible for the chromatography equipment in a laboratory, working with troubleshooting or developing standard methods, this School will bring understanding of chromatography to a higher level. Moreover, it will provide new insights and tools that will be valuable for advanced practice. The university teachers will find the course of great value when preparing lectures and laboratory experiments.


Learning outcomes

Participants will acquire a good understanding of the fundamentals of chromatography and learn simple tips and guidelines to make chromatography practice easier and more efficient. The obtained information will help them to demystify chromatography instruments. It will be shown that majority of the perplexing and frustrating problems have simple and logical solutions and that most of these problems are preventable. The techniques learned from this course will make participant more effective at daily routine chromatography practice.